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Legislative update 1.11.22

Hear what some of our local candidates have to say.

*click on bill number to get summary and details.

HB 18 - Cant teach CRT

HB 67 - Require CRT to be taught in school

HB 96 - exclude all distributions from military pension plans from being taxed

HB 209 - increase legislative pay 5% a year automatically.

The following comes from our friends at WeFreeOurselves:

Make your calls today and every day this week! Green is good, red is bad.

Health Freedom:

HB 28 – (was BR106) Prohibit Vax Passports and other egregious vaccine requirements

HB 51 – Prohibit penalties for daycares/schools for not requiring masking

HB 52– Prevent job discrimination towards unvaccinated persons

HB 54 – Make businesses liable for employee injury from required vaccinations

HB 57 – Prevent post-secondary schools from requiring C-19 vaccination

HB 99– Exempt churches and religious schools from mask requirements

HB 112 – Prevent requirement of minor to be vaxxed, except by consent of parents, and no penalties for non-vax, incl masking, being kept from school, etc.

HB 142 – Makes kratom (a botanical) a controlled substance

HB 253 – Prohibit sex changes for minors


HB 153 – Rules for election machines and keeping them off the internet

SB 62 – Rules for ballot tabulation and other voter registration measures (Southworth)


HB 14 – Prohibit gender ID education in public schools, prevent requirement of gender ID education in public post-secondary schools

HB 23 – Only like biological sex can compete in state-regulated athletics

HB 63 – Require resource officers in schools (school security officers)

HB 253 – Require FAFSA be completed for HS graduation, very invasive financial aid application

SB 25 – Increase public school NTI days by 10 days

Firearms and Military:

HB 36 – No taxes on guns/ammo

HB 122 – Lower concealed carry age from 21 to 18

HB 123 – Prevent gov from doing biz with anti-gun banks and other industries

HB 124 – Repeal rules that prohibit carry in government buildings

HB 158 – Prohibit enforcement of federal gun legislation that contradicts KY law

Government Overreach/Accountability:

HB 19 - Require safe boating certification for boat operators, penalties – more gov not needed

SB 35 – More certification and licensing for boaters – more gov not needed

HB 161 – Prohibit public funds being used for lobbying

Here's what to do EVERY WEEKDAY for the above day/days:

  1. Put the Legislative Hotline number into your speed dial so you can call quickly: 1-800-372-718 Call as early as possible in the day. The line is open 7am to 9pm M-Th and 7am to 6pm F. During inclement weather they close early.

  2. When you call them, they are very nice and are just there to take your message. If you give them your name and address, they will tell you who your Senator and Representative are. The next time you call, they will have you on file.

  3. Call the Legislative Hotline and say this [add brief reasons anytime you feel moved to – sample reason included here but encourage you to use your own]: “I would like to leave a message for:

My Senator:

  • Support SB 62. We must have fair and honest elections.

  • Support SB 106. We must have fairness and integrity in athletics.

  • Oppose SB 35 This is government overreach.

  • Oppose SB 25 Students need to learn in school, not online.”

My Representative:

  • Support HB 28 Discrimination based on personal health choices is wrong.

  • Support (any other green bill)

  • Please co-sponsor HB 28 (any other green bill).”


4. Go to (or search KY find my legislator and choose the first option). Find your legislator and it will show their phone and email.

5. Call your legislator's direct phone number and leave the above message and a brief reason. Be polite and succinct.

6. Email your legislator and leave the above message but put the key points in the SUBJECT line for best impact. Keep it brief and friendly. (Ex: Subject: Co-Sponsor HB 28 . I value my bodily autonomy.)

SB 1 - Site Based Curriculum- require that the superintendent instead of the council determines curriculum after consulting with the principal and school council

40% increase of tax on vehicle tax commentary by Andrew Cooperrider

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