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2024 Primary Election Endorsements

Freedom's Heritage Forum

Endorsements and recommendations here are for the primary only.

Some incumbent KY state legislators are merely recommended but not endorsed
due to their vote to establish the legal framework for
a Central Bank Digital Cryptocurrency system.

Presidential Endorsements

President (GOP)

President (Democrat)

Donald John Trump

Dean Philips (recommended)

Congressional Endorsements

U.S. House District 2

Hank Linderman (recommended)

U.S. House District 3

Denny Ormerod

U.S. House District 4

Thomas Massie (incumbent)

U.S. House District 5

Dana Edwards

Kentucky State Senate

State Senate District 1

Lynn Bechler

State Senate District 5

Thomas Ballinger

State Senate District 7

Adrienne E. Southworth (incumbent)

State Senate District 11

Steve Rawlings (used to be KY Rep.)

State Senate District 17

Julia Jaddock

State Senate District 29

Johnnie L. Turner

State Senate District 33

Michael W. Churchill Jr. (Recommended)

Kentucky State House

State Rep. District 2

Richard Heath (merely recommended)

State Rep. District 10

Josh Calloway (incumbent)

State Rep. District 19

Kelcey Rock

State Rep. District 24

Asa L. T. Waggoner

State Rep. District 29

Chris Lewis (endorsed)

Ricky Santiago (recommended)

State Rep. District 45

Thomas Jefferson

State Rep. District 47

Felicia Rabourn (incumbent)

State Rep. District 48

Debbie Wesslund (recommended)

State Rep. District 49

Thomas Huff (incumbent)

State Rep. District 50

Candy Massaroni (incumbent)

State Rep. District 55

Kim King (merely recommended)

State Rep. District 60

Marianne Proctor (incumbent)

State Rep. District 61

Savannah Maddox (incumbent)

State Rep. District 62

Tony Hampton

State Rep. District 64

Karen Campbell

State Rep. District 66

T. J. Roberts (merely recommended)

State Rep. District 67

Terry W. Hatton

State Rep. District 69

Steven Doan (incumbent)

State Rep. District 86

Tom O'dell Smith (only recommended)

State Rep. District 89

Timmy Truett (incumbent)

State Rep. District 91

Billy E. Wesley (merely recommended)

State Rep. District 95

David Pennington

City Council District 6

Louisville Metro Council

District 2

Latosha Harrison
(Recommended Democrat)

District 4

Stan Moore
(Recommended Democrat)

District 12

Jonathan "JJ" Joseph
(Endorsed Republican)

District 14

Crystal Bast
(Recommended Republican)

Cindi Fowler
(Recommended Democrat, incumbent)


District 18

Marilyn Parker
(Endorsed Republican, incumbent)

District 20

Stuart Boya Benson
(Endorsed Republican, incumbent)

District 22

Kevin D. Bratcher
(Recommended Republican)

District 24

Ryan Vittotow
(Recommended Democrat)

No statewide executive branch elections for state office

Learn More about the Candidates


To get more background information on the candidates and their positions on the issues, this is a good source of more info.

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