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Where We Stand

Promoting Faith, Family, and Freedom

You are needed to help organize your neighborhood and county!

 Our Core Values

Pro-Life (Belief in the Sanctity of all Life from the Unborn to the Elderly)
Pro-Traditional Marriage (Belief in God's Precepts that a Marriage is between One Man and One Woman)
Pro-2nd Amendment (Belief in the Right to Bear Arms)
Pro-Limited Government (Belief that Less Government = more Personal Individual Freedom)
For Low taxes (Belief that Lower Taxes also =
more Freedom. The individual who earns an income should be entrusted with their own money - not the government deciding how to spend the money an individual earns.)

Our Goals

Our Purpose

To organize all conservatives in Kentucky


To establish chapters across the state with people who want to get involved in electing strong conservative leaders

To provide voter guides for the May primary and November general elections

To promote decency in our American society through the distributing of information

To inform you about the negative effects of violence and crime on TV and in the movies

To inform you through mailings, phone calls, fliers, meetings, and word of mouth

To take a stand on ethics and decency


To promote Godly precepts from God's Word in the Bible

To promote the founding moral principles that made America "One Nation Under God"

To stop anti-Christian bigotry

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