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Fast and easy color picker for Designers and Developers.RVBPro is a high quality Color and Gradient picker with a full customization. RVBPro supports many different type of gradients (such as radial, linear, and steps ) and Colors (such as HSV and HSL). Moreover, RVBPro is very easy to use: just 4 clicks to make a new colorDownload RVBPro DesktopWhat is the minimum price of RVBPro?The price of RVBPro depends on a number of factors including but not limited to:1. Size of project2. Type of license3. Number of custom colors.219 N.W.2d 161 (1974)STATE of Iowa, Appellee,v.Warren Lee BLACK, Appellant.No. 56693.Supreme Court of Iowa.January 16, 1974.Stanley E. Munger, Cedar Rapids, for appellant.Richard C. Turner, Atty. Gen., Raymond S. Moss, Asst. Atty. Gen., and Ray A. Fenton, County Atty., for appellee.Considered en banc.REES, Justice.Defendant was charged, tried by a jury, and convicted of the crime of Theft in the Second Degree. Motion for new trial was overruled, sentence imposed, and defendant appeals. We affirm.The record discloses defendant left a matchbox containing a key to a Cedar Rapids residence about 9:30 p. m. on June 4, 1973. Defendant returned to the residence about 11:00 p. m. and asked the owner of the residence if she was going back out to her car. The owner of the residence, after going into a nearby store, returned to her residence and went back to the front of the residence. The defendant was *162 standing in the front yard when she got there, but he left the yard and went to the back of the house. The owner of the residence called the police. The officer arrived within minutes and found the key in the matchbox under the front lawn.At trial defendant admitted throwing the key under the lawn, but testified it was a softball which he threw under the lawn and not the matchbox containing the key. Defendant testified he attempted to gain entrance into the residence and the owner forbade him from doing so. However, defendant went to the side of the house 08929e5ed8


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